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WIAB Mission, Rules, and Core Values

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1 WIAB Mission, Rules, and Core Values on Sat May 26, 2012 7:03 pm


Mission: The goal of WIAB is to create a community of Taylor fans dedicated to discussing and learning about her music, protecting unreleased songs, sharing our own writing and graphics, and forging friendships.

Core Values:
-Create a close-knit community of Taylor fans
-Give members a safe place to discuss Taylor and non-Taylor related topics
-Protect unreleased songs
-Sex and Body positivity: WIAB practices sex and body positivity. This means we will not be saying negative things about either thing. Anything negative such as "she's such a slut" "Taylor should stop wearing so much makeup" etc will be deleted.

-Always respect all members. All disrespectful posts and/or posts that make members uncomfortable will be removed.
-Be supportive of other members.
-Do not share unreleased songs. Trading is okay.
-You may share live performances.
-Please limit the size of your signature to no more than three images/gifs
-Do not scam
-Have fun and enjoy WIAB (that's right...having fun is a rule!)

*WIAB staff reserves the right to modify these rules at any given time without warning. By joining WIAB you agree to all of these rules

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